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Personal service and an emphasis on quality are the guiding principles of our company



Bronze Bull, LLC - About Us

The focus of Bronze Bull, LLC is to identify the top hunting and fishing outfitters around the world who provide their clients with the most probable chance of success on their adventure. Since our beginning, our emphasis has been upon established, family-owned-and-operated companies, who have a demonstrated track record of success and a passion about their business.

Here are some relevant points for you to consider:

. We are professionals who have hunted - and still hunt - extensively. We have developed a boutique business that identifies excellent hunting opportunities for other hunters. Our competition may view this as a weakness; we view it as strength. We do not need to take your money for a mediocre hunt to put food on our tables. If we don't have the right hunt for you we will tell you. Your satisfaction and our reputation are worth more to us than the commission we might realize organizing a hunt.

. We work with established outfitters. Some agents will work with outfitters who are newly established or who have problems filling a season. We have often found this approach to be problematic for clients. Instead, we attempt to work with quality outfitters who are in demand and do not necessarily require our marketing efforts. These outfitters have demonstrated success over a period of time and always provide our clients with the best opportunity for a successful trip.
. We approach each hunt as though it were our own. Attention to detail and coordination with the outfitter play a significant role in the success of any hunt. Our goal is to organize every hunt for the optimal possibility of success, with the client's needs and requirements at the center of this effort. Client satisfaction is our true measure of success and we look at each hunt as our own venture.
. We offer no guarantee of hunting success. Hunting game inherently provides challenges to all hunters. Weather, hunter conditioning, shooting skills and other unforeseen variables will work for - or against - the hunter who spends any appreciable time in the field. These variables cannot be controlled by Bronze Bull, LLC or by the outfitter. We do guarantee that you will be in a proven area for the game you seek. We do not, however, guarantee that you will be successful.

This is the Bronze Bull advantage: As fellow hunters, we will work especially hard to arrange your experience with a proven, reputable outfitter. We will approach your hunt as we do our own, with enthusiasm and attention to the smallest details. Your success is our success - that is the Bronze Bull difference.

Personal service and an emphasis on quality are the guiding principles of our company.

References are available on request.